MI Casement Windows

MI Casement Windows

Whether replacing existing windows or making selections for a new home or addition, the experts at Fairview Millwork can guide you in choosing the MI Windows that fit your design and budget. We have experienced MI Windows professionals at our New Hampshire and Massachusetts locations to assist with finding the quality windows that you are seeking, at an affordable price and within the time frame you desire.

9770 Vinyl Casement

The MI Windows and Doors 9000 Series is a line of vinyl new construction windows that offer quality, durability, and energy efficiency.


  • Integral J-Channel
  • Multi-point Lock
  • Envirosealed Spacer System
  • Foldable Handle
  • Dyad Arm / Dual Arm Operator (Units 32″ or wider)

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1675 Vinyl Casement

The MI Windows and Doors Designer 1600 Series is a complete line of replacment windows designed for energy efficiency, comfort, beauty and peace of mind.


  • Dual Arm Operator (Units 32″ or wider)
  • Multi-Point Lock
  • Envirosealed Spacer System
  • Foldable Handle

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  • Warm-edge spacer system maximizes energy efficiency and improves seal performance of insulated glass units
  • Welded, multi-chambered frame and sash for superior strength and energy-efficiency
  • Triple weatherstripping for enhanced thermal performance
  • Multi-point locking hardware creates a tighter, safer seal
  • 90° hinge capability provides maximum ventilation and airflow

Product Details:

  • 3-1/4” frame depth
  • 3/4” dual-pane or 1-1/8″ triple-pane insulated glass
  • 4-9/16″, 6-9/16″, and 7-9/16″ wood extension jambs available
  • Finless
  • StormArmor package includes impact-resistant glass with low-E and argon

Performance Ratings:

  • U-Value: 0.17-0.24
  • SHGC: 0.16-0.25
  • VLT: 0.31-0.44

Glass Options:

  • HP Low-E and argon
  • Triple Pane with Low-E and argon
  • Low-E and argon
  • Tempered
  • Obscure
  • Rain
  • Laminated

Color Options:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Clay
  • Interior woodgrain laminates
    • Hillside Oak (interior only; not available with nailfin)
    • Natural Oak (interior only; not available with nailfin)
    • Colonial Cherry (interior only; not available with nailfin)
  • Bronze exterior laminate
  • Exterior paint
    • Almond
    • Black
    • Bronze
    • Clay
    • Cocoa
    • Cream
    • Forest Green
    • Silver

Grid Options:

  • 5/8” flat grids-between-the-glass
  • 7/8” flat grids-between-the-glass
  • 11/16” sculptured grids-between-the-glass
  • 1” simulated divided light (SDL)


  • Color match
  • Optional window operating control device (WOCD)

Please specify window sizes, unique project requirements, additional questions, etc.

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