MI Double Hung Windows

MI Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Whether replacing existing windows or making selections for a new home or addition, the experts at Fairview Millwork can guide you in choosing the MI Windows that fit your design and budget. We have experienced MI Windows professionals at our New Hampshire and Massachusetts locations to assist you with finding the quality windows that you are seeking, at an affordable price and within the time frame you desire.

MI 1555 Replacement Window

The MI 1555 vinyl double-hung replacement window combines superior design with traditional craftsmanship and style. Features like aesthetically beveled sashes and a welded sloped sill complement energy-efficient design options such as insulated dual-pane glass and heavy-duty weatherstripping, adding enhanced performance and instant aesthetic appeal for any home.

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MI 1650 Replacement Window

The 1650 double-hung window is MI’s best-selling replacement window and is an excellent choice for any replacement window project.  With two moving sashes, endless grid and color options, double-pane glass, and a warm-edge spacer system, the 1650 double-hung window offers convenience, style, and energy efficiency. These advanced engineering and aesthetic details that go into every 1650 double-hung make it the ideal replacement window for any remodeling or renovation project.

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MI 1650 Extreme Replacement Window

Are you looking for energy-efficient windows? The 1650 Extreme Double-Hung Window combines superior styling and handcrafted quality with exceptional long-term performance. Featuring triple-pane glass sandwiched around two warm-edge spacers, the 1650 Extreme is MI’s most energy-efficient replacement window.


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MI 1556 New Construction Window

Double-hung vinyl new construction windows are one of the best investments you can make. The double-hung window, with two moveable and tilting sashes, is one of our most popular window styles. The 1556 new construction double-hung window offers an effective way to maximize ventilation and enhance the value of your home.


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