When we talk about interior design trends we tend to think of things that faded quickly like pastel pink bathrooms of the ’80s and sunken living rooms of the ’60s. Typically however, interior trends do have more staying power than trends in an industry like fashion. This makes sense because they are more expensive and more difficult to change. These 4 trends are only just taking off and we predict they’ll be here to stay for quite some time.

 Atlantis Rail Systems RailEasy

Cable Railing

Cable railing is not new. Cable rail has been used mainly outdoors on decks that don’t want a bulky wooden rail obscuring a great view. However, this sleek material is now being brought indoors to give an edge to modern spaces. Cable railing pairs best with contemporary, streamlined design and can make a small staircase feel larger and more open. It requires little to no maintenance and pairs well with many materials including steel and wood.

Colored Kitchen Island

Gone are the days of the boring monotone kitchen. These days, matchy-matchy is not on the menu. People want to show more personality in their homes now, starting with pops of color and what better place to start than with your kitchen island. Don’t worry about matching your island and your cabinets, today designers are putting the emphasis on complementary rather than matching colors and you can too!


Built-ins are to a home what a few high-end pieces are to a wardrobe. Sure, a bookcase could perform essentially the same function but it doesn’t give the same impression as a luxurious built-in. This cabinetry can instantly upgrade any room of your home from the mudroom to the living room and beyond. Speak to a Fairview Millwork designer to see how custom built-ins can upgrade your home.

Black Windows

Black is the new black when it comes to windows. We all know we like to have options. For so long when it came to windows, the only option anyone had was white. Thanks to a few pioneering manufacturers, however, now windows come in all shapes, sizes,

Black windows have really pulled to the forefront because they look modern without clashing with traditional interior design. If you are thinking about replacing your windows, the representatives at Fairview Millwork and Kitchens are the Andersen experts right in your backyard.

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