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Exterior Moulding & Trim

Wolf Trim and Mouldings are made from high-density PVC that will not absorb moisture. They are easy to work with, suitable for ground and masonry contact applications, and never need to be painted — unless desired. Choose Wolf PVC mouldings if you want an attractive product that will deliver long-term durability.

Boral Trim

Designed to be used in non-load-bearing applications, TruExterior Trim is suitable for ground contact, which makes it ideal for exterior trim applications such as fascia, door trim, soffits and rake boards. Beadboard is perfect for porch ceilings, soffits and other decorative wall applications.

  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and methods
  • High performance material resists rotting, splitting, cracking and termites
  • Can be painted any color without special precautions

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Fypon Trim & Surrounds

Fypon door surround kits add a distinguished look to any façade. Fypon door surrounds, made from polyurethane, offer more continuity and accuracy with standard urethane pieces. No fabrication is necessary for Fypon door surrounds, meaning no wasted time or materials. Fypon door surrounds are available in multiple crosshead and pilaster selections to fit most projects, and each is created specifically for the job.

Easy installation – no need for a finish carpenter
Pilasters and crossheads come in a variety and styles to fit any door.
Kits are available for single and double doors and doors with sidelites

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CELUKA Premium Trim is the hardest, pre-finished product in the market. Its matte finish looks, feels and works like wood, but will not dent, swell or rot under any conditions. CELUKA is durable, workable and economical — lasting a lifetime. It contracts 50% less than free foam PVC and requires no special tools for installation.

  • Bug, moisture, and rot-resistant
  • Every piece comes in exact thickness, every time
  • Pre-sanded for best paint adhesion
  • 100% ready to use
  • Reversible — wood grain & smooth sides

Royal Mouldings

Fairview carries IN STOCK full lift quantities of Royal PVC Trim Boards

Enjoy the beauty of traditional trim with added durability and protection from the forces of nature with PVC Trim. You’ll appreciate its easy maintenance, workability, versatility and consistency. Ideal for homes of any architectural style, Royal’s PVC trim offers the design flexibility to accent any home beautifully. Perfect for non-structural exterior trim and decorative applications, it’s a carefree trim that lasts a lifetime.

Want to Make Your House Stand Out? Enhance Your Curb Appeal? 
See How with Decorative Surrounds and Mouldings

Give your windows, doorways, porches, eaves—every part of your home exterior—the gift of differentiation. Included with your gift is curb appeal that lasts and lasts because it’s moisture-proof, termite-proof and guaranteed never to rot.  So, put away the paintbrush and any ideas about deterioration and maintenance.

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