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Interior Mouldings & Panels

With a little imagination, decorative moulding and millwork can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary.  Traditional or contemporary, decorative moulding adds beautiful details to enhance the architecture and express your individuality.

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The first impression any room makes is done with door and window trims. Whether simple or elaborately sophisticated, these details set the mood for what to expect from any space.
Baseboards support door and window casings in their framing of the walls which give your home a distinctive look and beauty. Usually thinner than the casing, these details can help to define the period and style of a home.
Ceiling mouldings come in a variety of styles from simple to ornately decorative to geometric. For an even more creative look, customers can combine styles and create a pattern which is completely unique.
Panel mouldings cover sections of a wall to define a sophisticated style. When choosing panels, scale is a consideration of key importance as well as styles to compliment the space’s other mouldings such as baseboards and casings.
Chair rails and wall mouldings are the extra decorative touches that show a true attention to detail by adding extra dimension to a room. For customers with panel mouldings, wall mouldings are a great way to break up the panels.

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