Barring extenuating circumstances, replacing your front exterior door is something you don’t have to do very often. However, as a main point of security and energy-efficiency, when a door begins to show signs of wear, it should be replaced swiftly. Below are indications that the time has come to begin looking at a new exterior door.

Your door is difficult to open and/or close

If you find it difficult to open and/or close your door, this needs to be corrected immediately. An obstruction to a point of egress can pose a fire hazard or other security threat. Difficulty maneuvering a door can be a result of structural shifts, loose or bent hinges, expansion or contraction, etc. Immediately correct any small issues or make a plan to replace the door if it is warped or structurally damaged.

You can feel a breeze or see light when the door is closed

If there is a gap in your door allowing light or wind to pass, the energy efficiency of your home is certainly suffering. If you believe you are losing energy via your door, but you cannot see any gaps, you can test this theory by holding a match flame around the perimeter of the door. If the flame wavers, air is probably entering your home. If the seal on your door is allowing air to pass, it is most likely costing you money in heating and/or cooling.

There is moisture between the panes of glass

Moisture between panes of glass in your door is an indication that the seal has failed. Until relatively recently, residential doors had a wood core meaning the moisture you’re seeing could be surrounded by organic material. While it may not seem like an urgent issue, this moisture hitting the wood core can cause mold which is hazardous to your health.

You have had water or insect damage

Any door which has experienced flooding or insect damage is potentially a security risk. Additionally, water damage could present a further risk for mold.

Your curb appeal is suffering

Whether or not you are planning on selling your home, you don’t want to embarrass your neighbors. Make a good first impression and welcome family and friends by updating the entry to your home.


If you’ve decided it’s time for you to update your front door, visit your local Fairview Millwork and Kitchens and explore our ThermaTru exterior doors options.

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