eGood windows are not something you should have to think about often. When properly installed, double-glazed windows should last you about 15-20 years. This estimate can of course vary depending on how the windows are maintained and the weather the windows stand against. So how do you know when it’s time for your windows to be replaced? Consider these five red flags.


Windows are worn
One major sign that it’s time to replace your windows is if there are any signs of warping or rot on or around your window. In particular, wooden frames, which require added maintenance, can be tricky to keep up. The biggest problem with wooden windows is that once even a little rot sets in, it is next to impossible to stop it from spreading.


Energy Bills are High
Windows are directly related to the energy-efficiency of your home. If your windows are not sealed properly, hot air will escape during colder months, thus requiring more work from your heater to keep the interior warm and vice versa in the warmer months. You can check how your windows may be impacting your energy bills by standing in front of your window and seeing if that area feels different in temperature from the rest of the room. You can also visibly look for gaps around the frame because improperly sealed windows can lead to up to 25% higher energy bills.


Windows are Difficult to Open or Close
First and foremost, the inability to properly open and close a window is a safety hazard. Should the worst happen, a window is a means of escape. Windows that are hard to open and require excessive force could be a sign the window frame or sash needs repair or replacement.  Windows should open and close with minimal effort.


Windows should offer some level of reduction in sound transfer when properly installed. This can make a huge difference to your family if you live near a school, a busy street, or another noisy area. If there seems to be no difference in sound between when your window is open and when it is shut, that may be an indication that the window is old and should be replaced.


Windows provide natural light and fresh air to our homes. If moisture gets between the panes of glass and you get condensation build-up, you may get yourself into a situation where mold begins to grow. If your window then begins to leak to the inside of your home, this is a sure way to know it needs to be replaced.


If you would like help choosing the best replacement windows for your home, speak with a Fairview representative today.
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