Can the spaces we live in make an impact on our mental health? Many architects and designers think so. That is why they are increasingly looking to home design elements that make us feel better about being inside. Here are some ideas to incorporate calm into your home.

Natural Light
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Natural light is essential to maintaining our natural circadian rhythm. Lots of sunlight during the day helps us sleep better at night, helping us feel more rested and ready to take on the next day. Windows, skylights, and storm and glass doors all help bring natural light into your home. For added privacy choose frosted or raindrop glass options to filter light inside while blocking views into your home.

Contrastingly, keeping light out at night is equally important. Make sure you can easily close blinds on your windows for privacy and darkness when you need it. For example, Velux skylights have automatic blinds that are a great option.

Minimize Sound

Disruptful sounds are an annoying distraction while you’re working and learning from home or just trying to relax. Minimize sound disruptions by choosing heavier interior doors like a solid core door which is filled with wood fiber and helps to isolate sounds. 

Contain Clutter

These days, families simply seem to require more stuff. Stuff isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as it has somewhere to go. If you feel you have lots of necessary clutter, it may be time to consider built-ins for storage or custom cabinetry if that clutter is in the kitchen. Take a look at our custom cabinetry guide or make an appointment to speak with a Fairview designer to explore your options for built-ins.

We’re all spending more time at home. Make that time of higher quality and feel more at peace in your most sacred space by utilizing some of these tips for tranquility.

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