When weighing the pros and cons of a potentially expensive renovation, one thought that may go through the mind of a homeowner is how much of a return on their investment they may reap if they decide to sell their home. Likewise, for homeowners already in a selling mindset, many would like to know which upgrades to tackle before putting their homes on the market. Here we’ll examine four upgrades that are likely to fetch a pretty penny back on the investment made in them.

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Unless your buyer plans to flip your home after the sale, few homeowners will want to take on the expense of adding a new roof shortly after making a big purchase like a home. While a new roof is not one of the design-oriented upgrades intended to attract a seller, news that a home has a new roof can be an attractive quality in closing the sale. Before committing to a brand, consider the weather and climate in your area to be sure you pick a product with staying power.

Kitchen Storage

At Fairview Millwork and Kitchens, we’ve never heard of a kitchen with too much storage. Kitchen storage solutions have gotten very clever and innovative in the past decade. Adding storage consists of everything from a pantry or larder to customized organizational solutions found in most mainstream cabinet lines. Speaking with a design expert will give you a good idea of the scope of storage options available for a kitchen of your size and in your budget.

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It seems everyone these days is trying to live the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. A deck or patio is the best way to accomplish this and is one of the most attractive features to a potential buyer. While a deck can be a big expense it is one of the features most likely to pay off in a home sale. These days, there are a variety of materials at a variety of price points so that nearly anyone can get the deck they want.


It is safe to assume upgrading tile or laminate floors to hardwood will be a key selling feature in any home. You can take this upgrade even further by adding radiant floor heating in climates that call for it. Just let potential buyers imagine crawling out of bed on a cold winter’s morning only to have their feet toasty warm on the floor – the offers will come rolling in!

If you are considering some major upgrades to your home before a sale or otherwise, contact a sales representative at Fairview Millwork and Kitchens. A member of our knowledgeable staff will be able to show you samples and pricing for any of your home improvement product needs.

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