Everyone enjoys spending time outdoors in the summertime. In fact, in New England, warm months can be fleeting so we’re often outside during those times as often as possible. This summer, make the most of the deck you lovingly maintain throughout the year.

Safety First
Azek Arbor Silver Oak

Before you jump into the fun of decorating your deck, you need to make sure it is structurally safe. Check below the deck to see if there is any damage or rot threatening the beams or boards. Check on top of the deck for any exposed nails or screws, chipped wood, or soft or springy boards that may be indicative of a problem. If you have a wood deck in need of sanding do that and apply a Fresh coat of sealant. Finally, sweep away any debris that may have blown onto your deck.

Create zones

It can be difficult to look at a large empty space and imagine how you should best use it. Don’t be overwhelmed. The best way to tackle decorating your deck is by creating zones. Popular zones include a zone for eating, a zone for cooking, and one for relaxing. If you have small children, you may want to create a special zone for them if you have the space. Which zones you choose to include will largely depend on your lifestyle and how often you entertain on your deck and outside. Zones can be defined by furniture, area rugs, planters, etc.

Use the Whole Space

When creating deck zones, don’t sell your deck short. Use the entire space and extend your decor right over the railing with railing planter boxes. This small tip brings the eye right to the edge of the deck making the space appear bigger. Utilize other design tricks like using outdoor area rugs that fill the space to both clearly define a zone and to move the eye to the outer edge of the deck.

If you’re ready to design a deck of your own, contact one of the knowledgeable sales reps at your local Fairview Millwork and Kitchens. Our expert staff can help you layout your deck design, see and touch samples a various deck boards, an order exactly the amount you’ll need to build your perfect deck.

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