Both Functional and Sculptural

A staircase is not merely functional but can also be an artistic feature of both engineering and craftsmanship. An entryway staircase can be part of your home’s first impression, welcoming your guests inside. A formal staircase can make your guests’ entrance grand.

Go Beyond Builder-Grade

You don’t need to get stuck with a boring staircase. Customizing this feature in your home can really set it apart. Some options are to add a curve or opt for a full spiral if you have space. You can go minimalist with a floating staircase combined with cable rails or glass railings. The minimalist aesthetic also creates a sense of open space around the staircase.

Materials Matter

The materials you choose for your staircase can accentuate the architectural character of your house. A wood staircase lined with wall paneling or wainscoting will bring out traditional elements of your architecture. Additionally, glass railings can take a space from simply modern to positively futuristic. Metals, such as cable rails, can lend a utilitarian air to a room.

Create Contrast

By contrasting colors and/or materials on the risers, treads, and railings, you can create a sense of grandness, drawing the eye up. This serves to make the ceiling seem taller, giving a sense of greater space.


Learn about all of your quality stair parts options for both the interior and exterior of your home from your local Fairview representative.

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