You’ve spent all winter and the last two weeks cooped up inside staring at every incomplete DIY project and room in need of an update. Don’t worry; spring is almost here and it’s a great time to make those renovations. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen 

Obviously, one of the most appealing rooms to update is the heart of the home – your kitchen. Consider lighter colored cabinets that are on-trend and appealing. If you can’t pull off a full renovation, consider updating your cabinet hardware for a fresh look on a budget. 

Update Your Flooring 

Spring is a great time to install or update wood floors. Especially if you can wait for warmer temperatures, take advantage of the ability to open your windows and doors to offset the dust and smell sanding and refinishing your floors can create.  

Refinish the Attic 

Expanding your living space doesn’t have to decrease your yard space. Turn your attic into a den, an extra bedroom, or home office. Again, waiting for warmer weather is beneficial because you can open the windows to speed the drywall compound drying process. 

Add an Addition 

These days, multigenerational living is becoming the norm. Whether grown children are returning back to the nest or elderly parents are needing more care, it seems like you can never have too many bedrooms these days. Add an addition and always have room for guests or family. This is absolutely another warm-weather solution because you certainly don’t want to be knocking down walls in freezing temperatures. 

Resurface Your Driveway 

Snow and freezing temperatures have wreaked havoc on vulnerable surfaces like your driveway. Cracks and holes can be caused by the expansion and contraction of freezing rain and melting snow. Spring is the time you can repair this surface once the freezing nighttime temperatures have ended. 

Build a Deck or Enclosed Porch 

Spring is the time to prepare for more time spent outdoor living. Take full advantage by designing a new deck or enclosed porch. Fresh air, an outdoor kitchen, or simply a seating area for family and friends can all be enjoyed on a wood, composite, or PVC deck. The climate you live in can help you decide which material is best for your space. 

Replace Your Siding 

Your old siding probably took a beating this winter by high winds and snow. Spring is the time to replace outdated, cracked, or damaged siding. For a material that can withstand the elements, try a vinyl or PVC siding for durability. 

Repair or Replace Your Roof 

If you haven’t recognized the pattern yet, high winds and snow are good for keeping people inside but bad for your house. Your roof is probably the part of your house most exposed to weather extremes – wind, snow, direct sunlight, and rain. Similar to the damage this weather can do to your driveway, moisture from rain and snow can seep into your roof and expand causing cracks and potential structural damage. 


Adding natural light can change the mood of a room. Longer days are one of the key signals that spring and summer are here and skylights are a great way to celebrate this change. Additionally, increased natural light and air circulation are scientifically linked to physical and mental health benefits. 

Garage Storage 

Storage is something that usually comes up when talking kitchen renovations. However, cabinets are also great for adding custom storage solutions to other areas you want to keep organized like the garage. But just like having too much sports equipment can look cluttered, too many cabinets can create a claustrophobic feel. So, like when you’re renovating your kitchen, reach out to your local Fairview designer for professional help designing storage solutions that work for your lifestyle.

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