What is a storm door?
A storm door is a door that buffers an exterior door from the outside elements. It is the outermost door and usually has interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels.
What is the purpose of a storm door?
In good weather, the screens on a storm door allow you to enjoy increased ventilation and cool breezes without any of the bugs that would come from keeping your door open. In winter weather, the door protects your exterior door from harsh elements such as debris, ice, hail, and snow. In both warm and cold weather, storm doors allow in natural light and create an extra pocket of insulation that keeps warm air in and cold air out.

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What are my style options for a storm door?
Like almost all home building products these days, storm doors come in a variety of styles. The three main layouts for a storm door are the full-view consisting of an entire panel of glass/screen running the length of the door, the mid-view consisting of a three-quarter glass/screen panel, or the high-view with glass/screen in the upper half of the door. Similar to typical exterior door glass options, storm door glass can vary in opacity, decoration, and energy-efficiency. With Larson Storm Doors sold at Fairview Millwork and Kitchens, you can even choose a storm door with a dog door!
Do I need a storm door?
According to the Department of Energy, if your exterior door receives a few hours or more of direct sun a day, a storm door is not advisable because the glass could trap heat between the storm and entry doors that could damage the entry door. However, if you live somewhere where winter storm elements could pose a threat to your exterior door, a storm door is highly encouraged. Also, if you enjoy welcoming in a fresh breeze and natural light in warmer months without inviting all of the bugs inside, a storm door with a screen is advisable.
If you would like help choosing the right storm door for your home, visit your local Fairview Millwork and Kitchens where a sales representative would be happy to review your options with you.

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