ThermaTru Entry Doors

ThermaTru Entry Doors

At Fairview we offer you many different options for entry doors depending on your needs, style and budget.  Our door experts at Fairview can guide you through the different options and work with you to decide which entry door product fits your aesthetics and budget.

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Classic Craft®

Classic Craft’s three collections offer premium entryways that are truly unique and uncompromising in every detail.  Blending artistry, craftsmanship and modern engineering,  everything about a Classic Craft entryway looks, feels and sounds like an authentic wood door.

Artissa Collection
The Artissa Collection features a simple and relaxed style.  The collection highlights the beauty of straight-forward design.  The premium Classic Craft® doors features clean lines, Shaker styling and Craftsman-inspired glass for a casual and welcoming approach to the entryway.

Visionary Collection™
Artfully inspired with a confident edge, the Visionary Collection pushes the envelope of design for the next generation. Focusing on a streamlined aesthetic with a modern flair, this collection of premium Classic Craft® doors reimagines the entry with sleek lines, forward-thinking designs and minimalist details for an entrance that exudes confidence with bold appeal.

Founders Collection™
A revival of traditional and rustic styling, the Founders Collection honors the historic significance of classically inspired design.  Taking a more decorative approach to the entryway, this selection of premium Classic Craft® doors includes curved and arched details, embellished panel embossments and intricate glass designs for a noteworthy entrance with enduring style.

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ThermaTru Fiber-Classic® Entry Doors

From curb appeal to convenience, the Fiber-Classic collections feature wood grains to suit any style. Choose from two wood-grained collections, in a wide variety of door sizes and glass designs, or the perfect fiberglass door to fit a variety of home styles.

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ThermaTru Smooth-Star® Collection

Looking to add a splash of color to your entryway? Smooth-Star is the answer if the best look for your home is a smooth, paintable surface. The more attractive and durable alternative to steel, Smooth-Star fiberglass doors are ready-to-paint (no need to prime!) with crisp, clean contours. Budget friendly, with a variety of glass options available, this is your collection if you’re seeking color options for your doorway.

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ThermaTru Pulse® Contemporary Collection

ThermaTru Pulse Positive Red

ThermaTru Pulse Vintage Gold

Clean lines. Crisp angles. Sleek designs. Vintage style. Pulse is a contemporary series of door styles and glass designs that can be combined to make a bold statement. With three distinct aesthetic approaches — Ari, Linea and Echo — the entrance becomes modern art.

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ThermaTru Profiles™ Steel Door Collection

 Coupling distinctive styling with affordability, our Profiles steel doors offer versatile front entry and house-to-garage options. If you’re looking for the durability and security of steel with maximum style versatility, look no further. Designed to suit multiple home styles, these doors feature 24-gauge steel and triple-shadowed panel embossments for greater detail. Because they come with a smooth, ready-to-paint surface, you can customize them in any color to suit your personal expression. And fire-rated options are available, making them a great choice for your house-to-garage door.

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