MI Casement Windows

MI Casement Windows

At Fairview we offer you many different options for casement windows depending on your needs, budget, replacement or new construction, the age and condition of your home, as well as other specific features you may want.  Our window experts at Fairview can guide you through the different options and work with you to decide which window product fits your budget and needs.

MI Windows offers two options for their vinyl casement windows including replacement and new construction.

MI 1675 Vinyl Replacement Casement Window

The MI 1675 casement replacement window offers superior style and handcrafted quality with features like beveled exterior edges and multi-point locking hardware. A closer look reveals energy efficient features including triple-point weatherstripping, double-pane insulating glass, and a multi-chambered frame. Offering a large viewing area, clean, continuous lines, and an unobstructed outlook, the 1675 casement is the ideal addition to any home remodeling or renovation project.

View the MI 1675 Product Info Sheet

MI 9770 New Construction Vinyl Casement Window

The 9770 new construction casement window offers superior style and traditional craftsmanship with features like beveled exterior edges and multi-point locking hardware. The design offers a large viewing area with clean, continuous lines for unobstructed views.

Energy-efficient casement windows can be difficult to find, but the 9770 vinyl casement window is ENERGY STAR-qualified in all four climate zones in the U.S. A closer look reveals energy-efficient features double-pane insulating glass and a multi-chambered mainframe. The warm-edge spacer system and triple-point weatherstripping maximize energy efficiency to keep your home comfortable all year round.

View the MI 9770 Product Info Sheet

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