All home renovations are not created equal. If you’re looking to make some updates before putting your home on the market in order to get top dollar, see some of our tips below on where that cash is best spent.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

You’re unlikely to sell your home to anyone if you can’t get them through the door. So make your home look inviting, attractive, and at least in-line with your neighbors. No one wants to buy the ugliest house on the block. A few ways to achieve better curb appeal are by replacing your siding, exterior trim, and/or front door, updating your exterior lighting fixtures and refreshing your landscaping.

Upgrade Kitchen and Bathrooms

Most people know that a big bang for your buck typically comes from renovating your kitchen and bathrooms. What you may not know is you don’t have to purchase the highest-end lines for your renovation in order to see a great return. A mid-range kitchen remodel – replacing flooring, cabinets, and fixtures – will typically recoup about 81% of its cost. Similarly, a midrange bathroom remodel will typically recoup around 70%.

Replace the Big Stuff

One thing that can spook buyers and make them hesitant to buy is the fear of having to make another expensive purchase soon after making the huge purchase of buying a home. Therefore, replacing big items like the furnace, water heater, and/or roof may make your home more attractive and more likely to fetch a higher price.

Improve Efficiency

The whole world is moving toward environmental consciousness and away from useless waste of energy and money. But investing in energy efficiency isn’t just good for the planet, it’s attractive to potential buyers who see future savings. Some of these upgrades to consider include double-paned windows, increased attic insulation, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances.

Adding Space

Whether or not an appraiser fully credits added square footage on your home, it is something that will be likely noticed and appreciated by prospective buyers. Adding extra rooms is, of course, a lucrative option but is also a great expense and undertaking. Consider also adding a deck or finishing your basement.

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