When are vinyl windows the right choice for your window project? The conventional answers are typically when you are considering a replacement window project or when the price is the most important to you. But what makes vinyl windows so great? The five features below should be reason enough to strongly consider vinyl for your next window project.


As was mentioned above, vinyl windows can’t be beat at price. Because they are easier to manufacture than some other window materials, they cost less for similar quality. If your budget is one of your primary concerns in replacing your windows, you will certainly want to give vinyl a hard look.


Windows made with vinyl are built strong. Vinyl is a long-lasting material that won’t crack, chip, or peel. So if you want windows you can install and virtually forget about, vinyl may be at the top of your list.


Vinyl windows have features like foam-enhanced frames, warm edge spacers, and Low-E coated glass designed to reduce the impact of light penetration. By reflecting light away from the window, interiors maintain their temperatures and less drastic interior temperature fluctuation makes it easier for HVAC systems to continue to regulate the temperature. When HVAC systems don’t have to work so hard, they require less energy which makes the process both more energy-efficient and less costly to homeowners.


Eventually, all windows need cleaning, either due to weather, pollution, or dust. Many vinyl windows come standard with a swing-in feature for easy cleaning. And once installed, vinyl frames never need to be painted or sealed, simply a little soap and water will keep your vinyl frames looking brand new.


Nowadays, we are simply used to choice. And because our homes are such an expression of our personal styles, that choice has never been more important. That’s why, if you choose to go with vinyl, you’ll have your pick of colors for your window frames. The option of only all-white window frames from past are out, now you can choose from many other color options.

Whichever window material you are considering for your next project, call your local Fairview representative who can walk you through all you need to know to make an informed choice that will leave you satisfied.

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